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For Freedom of Political Prisoners in Belarus!

4. júl 2006, 22:32

A campaign of solidarity with political prisoners in Belarus is launched on Solidarity Day on June, 16. The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness of the international community, media, politicians, and civil activists of the democratic countries about the problem of Belarusian democratic activists, who are imprisoned while waiting to appear before court for their political activities.

Belarusian and foreign civil activists are organizing demonstrations and pickets near Belarusian embassies to give sign petitions to free political prisoners and to inform political activists and media of a particular country about the situation in Belarus. The campaign is supported by internet solidarity campaign. First demonstrations will be held in Ukraine, Estonia , Latvia, Lithuania , Poland , USA , and other countries on June, 16. The information of the activities within the campaign is available at http://za.nashih.info/eng/form/.

The solidarity campaign is coordinated by Belarusian civil initiative " Third Way" (www.3dway.org) and Belarusian Initiative Group with the help of Belarusian activist groups abroad. Iryna Krasouskaya (wife of disappeared businessman), Iryna Kazulina (wife of ex-candidate for presidential elections Aliaxandr Kazulin), families of the activists of "Partnership," Valery Levaneusky, Mikhail Marynich, and Alyaksandr Vasilieu (ex-political prisoners) support "freedom for Political Prisoners in Belarus" campaign.

By originating the campaign, we strive to provide just legal proceedings of the activists of "Partnership," ex-candidate for president Aliaxandr Kazulin, businessman Nikalay Autuhovich in order to prevent unjust, politically motivated verdicts. By bringing the issue of political prisoner in Belarus to the international and G8 level, European and USA politicians and media are able to influence Belarusian government to free the political prisoners.

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